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I recently drank with Yuri unnie. There are nerve wars between actresses, and since Yuri is a member of Girls’ Generation, a great group, there couldn’t not be. However, her personality was more laid-back than I expected so we had a really good time. We tried to meet more since then, but we haven’t been able to even though we still contact each other.

— Shin Sekyung, who acted with Yuri in ‘Fashion King’.

During the ending party for ‘Fashion King’, we all watched the final episode together. While watching it, we got filled with emotions so all the actor - including Yuri unnie - cried. But since this is a party that we were enjoying together, the staff members were singing and dancing outside, so they looked for Yuri as she’s a Girls’ Generation member. She was in the middle of crying, but went out after we consoled her. So she went outside, and as if she never cried in the first place, she was partying like crazy. We sang ‘Gee’ and ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’ together.

— Shin Sekyung, who acted with Yuri for ‘Fashion King’.